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Core Services


We’ll take the time to understand your organization, proposal, and provide feedback in real time.


Prospecting can take a lot of time, but the right one (or three) is a huge payoff! Let us help you look for your next funder.


You have the idea, we can write your narratives for you in a way that appeals to your funder. We’ll provide a first draft, get your feedback, then provide a final version.


Perhaps you want to write the narratives yourself, but need an experienced professional to do the review and comment – we are here for it!


Often our agencies have GREAT ideas, but need help sorting out the details. We can help with the program development – doable for your team and increasing your chances at grant awards.


Along with program development, we can help you structure your evaluation implementation plan and tools.


If managing prospecting, writing, and/or reporting feels like a bit too much for you, our team can set up a structure that works for you or be the managers of those timelines.


Your funders are going to look for updates and reports throughout or at the end of a grant cycle. We can catch you up and make your deliverable informative and beautiful.

What You Can Expect

Book a Discovery Call

We’ll ask you about what your grant cycle is currently like, where your pain points and needs are, and we’ll be transparent about pricing and next steps.


We’ll ask you to share what documents and data you currently have, while we get you set up on our project management tool with an outline of tasks and timelines. 

Draft - Review - Draft - Submit

We provide you with a first very rough draft of the grant proposal you are planning to submit. We ask that you provide review and comment to ensure we are going in the correct direction. With those comments, we do a second complete draft and together we do final tweaks until you are ready to submit the final version.

Reassess the Relationship

At this point, we ask if you’d like to keep working together and, if so, what additional support or caps would you like to have in place. Typically we see clients ask for additional prospecting for funds or request we start drafting the next proposal, but we also get requests for assistance with program development or program evaluation planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Level Client

We like to see your organization have a vision and implementation plan for grant seeking. This plan would include funding streams with their contacts, open dates, due dates, approximate request amounts, and a general idea of what the dollars will be used towards.

Many foundations and government grants ask the applicant for various data figures to support the request. Sometimes this data is needed from your internal statistics, which we can help collect, and sometimes external data needs to be sourced from census to subject matter information.

Yes, our team can draft the grant proposal for you. We require you submit it as most require an agency representative to electronically sign the application.

We also have feedback and proofing services on our sister-site:

We can help draft budgets but we will need you to provide supportive information such as staff wages, insurance amounts, and other agency specific data.

We will create your evaluation plan, create the survey questions, and we can create the infrastructure for you. However, we do not contact your clients.

Grant Seeking Beginners

Besides a funding source, you’ll need items including but not limited to your IRS 501(c)3 Declaration Letter, mission statement, project plan, budget, and internal/external data. If you are asking for equipment or consultants, you’ll need quotes.

For your first one, we recommend looking at a local community foundation or credit union. Some chains like Wal-Mart and Home Depot offer grants as well – great place to get your feet wet!

After that, we implement strategies with search engines, networking, 990-PF investigation, etc.

There are certainly a lot of moving pieces to maintaining grant proposal processes! We can show you a few strategies, but find each person and agency need it managed uniquely. 

We have used Google Sheets but currently use a project management tool called ClickUp (affiliate link).

Go to our learning page to read more about our options for you.

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Advanced Grant Seekers

Typically when you get to this level, we see agencies shift to government contracts – sometimes this is a grant process but not always.  This could be from your municipality, county, or state institutions.

We’ve also seen clients shift to larger philanthropic entities, which you’ll need personal introductions to program officers start courting those dollars.

We also recommend that your budgets reflect the need for this, including growing 990s/audits. This gives your funder the confidence that you are managing your impact dollars well.

If you want to talk about your strategy, get on our calendar on the contact page.

THAT’S a good question.

Marie here: It really depends on your team, agency size, number of grants to manage, etc. I would love to talk to you about it.

Generally, I’ve recommended no. Often I see too much put on the grant management person or two, so I’d rather see appropriate delegation before expanding your team.

I also recommend no because there should be expanded fundraising efforts and fee structures instead of more grant seeking and tracking efforts for the health of your agency. I’m happy to discuss this with you as well.

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