Grant Confidence

About our Practice

Grant Confidence exists because we believe anyone can learn to write their own grants – YOU bring your ideas and your passion!

But we recognize the overwhelm of narratives, budgets, tracking down new funds, and grant management. Whether you want to learn or you need to add us to your team, we’ll meet you where you are at to cultivate the confidence you need to be successful.

Grant Confidence is an initiative sponsored by Kovir LLC, an organization advancement firm.

What You Can Expect

Fresh Ideas



Book a Discovery Call

We’ll ask you about what your grant cycle is currently like, where your pain points and needs are, and we’ll be transparent about pricing and next steps.


We’ll ask you to share what documents and data you currently have, while we get you set up on our project management tool with an outline of tasks and timelines. 

Draft - Review - Draft - Submit

We provide you with a first very rough draft of the grant proposal you are planning to submit. We ask that you provide review and comment to ensure we are going in the correct direction. With those comments, we do a second complete draft and together we do final tweaks until you are ready to submit the final version.

Reassess the Relationship

At this point, we ask if you’d like to keep working together and, if so, what additional support or caps would you like to have in place. Typically we see clients ask for additional prospecting for funds or request we start drafting the next proposal, but we also get requests for assistance with program development or program evaluation planning.

Team Led by
Marie Gress,

Specializing in non-profit administration and grant writing, Marie Gress leads a team of grant writers and reviewers to give you quality, prompt feedback you can trust.

Kate and Anna are currently two associates assisting with these services. 

We also leverage social work and management interns, typically employing 5 in a given semester.

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